LOSFA Field Outreach Services

LOSFA Field Outreach Services (LFOS) Division is a college access and readiness initiative within the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA). During the academic year we will offer support services to assist with school reform initiatives and promote postsecondary awareness.

"Y'all are here to help," Harris said. "Y'all motivate people to go to college, and most people don't get that. Some kids don't have the opportunities that I have. I am thankful that y'all are here."

Kyra Harris in Marksville High School

"A lot of the students here don't realize that all of these programs are out there to help us and get us on the right track on going to college. When we have events like these, they sit us down and talk to us, and they have fun activities to keep us interested and we learn about all of this stuff so we can use it in the future and get us on track."

Joseph Schwartz in Bastrop High School

"I think that the College Kickoff event was very helpful because a lot of us really don't know how to get into certain things that we want to do," Broussard said. "Some people think that you just go to college to be a doctor or a lawyer, but you can go for anything, like carpentry."

Macy Broussard in Jeanerette Senior High School

"College Kickoff was motivational because some people in our class said they weren't going to college, but I think they changed their mind," Andrews said. "The event put it into detail of what we will have to go through when applying to and entering into college."

Austin Andrews in Grambling Laboratory School

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Louisiana College Application & Access Month (LCAAM)

Every October, the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance collaborates with key education partners in the State of Louisiana to bring you College Application Month. College Application Month is a national initiative by the American College Application Campaign to increase the number of first generation and low income students to pursue a postsecondary education.

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College Acceptance & Award Recognition Day

As a follow-up to Louisiana College Application & Access Month (LCAAM), students who have been accepted to college will be formally recognized by LFOS in existing school award ceremonies.

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Trailblazer Leadership Program

Participants in the Trailblazer Leadership Program are trained to assist their high school counselors and fellow students in navigating the many tasks that are required to successfully gain college acceptance, secure all available financial assistance, and have the best chance to succeed and achieve their career/lifestyle goals. The program consists of four-to-five single day summits throughout the year beginning in the summer before the senior year.

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Professional School Counselor Workshops

Each Fall, LOSFA conducts workshops and/or webinars for professional school counselors. These workshops/webinars are designed to update counselors about the student financial aid and college access process so they can best assist their students in preparing for their crucial first year of college. At each workshop/webinar, LOSFA representatives instruct counselors on the latest changes to both federal and state aid programs, completion of the FAFSA and other LOSFA services.

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High School Presentations and Workshops

LOSFA annually provides presenters for individual high school financial aid workshops for parents and students. In Academic Year 2009-2010, LOSFA conducted financial aid and college access workshops at 229 individual high schools and 76 multi-high school events that were attended by 54,650 students and parents.

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The Fly Tour

LOSFA's annual FLY Tour is a dynamic theatrical presentation that uses poetry, music and drama to communicate the importance of financial literacy and fiscal responsibility. Acts featured in the FLY tour will help students learn about financial aid for college, money management, on-campus support services for students and more.

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FAFSA Completion

FAFSA completion events are available for students and parents across the state. FAFSA completion events take place in a computer lab or a library where attendees have access to computers. LOSFA representatives are available to help students and parents fill out the FAFSA and can provide line by line assistance.

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Compete to Complete

Select Louisiana Highschools Compete to see which school has the most FAFSA completions.

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Aspire to Inspire

LOSFA's Aspire to Inspire (A2I) mentoring program was founded by Khristopher Hobbs, A2I Program Administrator and Lead Mentor. The program was started with the intention of engaging and helping students who are identified as needed additional support in and out of the classroom. Mr. Hobbs and the A2I team enjoy building consistent and trusting relationships with mentees that provide opportunities for students to reflect, learn about themselves and discover their own truths.

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Unlock My Future

LOSFA has created the 5-POINT MATCH for students like you to prepare for college and future careers. The Unlock My Future website will show you how to use the 5-POINT MATCH for planning for the future and getting there.

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LOSFA's Top Ten List

LOSFA has created a top 10 list of tips to help students ensure that their TOPS processing can take place as quickly and efficiently as possible. Students are also encouraged to create accounts in the LOSFA Student Hub to monitor their TOPS processing status.

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