College Acceptance & Award Recognition Day


As a follow-up to Louisiana College Application & Access Month (LCAAM), students who have been accepted to college will be formally recognized by LFOS in existing school award ceremonies for their dedication and commitment to education.

For a student to be eligible to participate in this event, he or she must show or make a copy of an acceptance letter from the College/university to which the student has been accepted. These events should be in April or early May.

Schools wishing to have a LOSFA representative on campus should make their request no later than two weeks before their College Acceptance Day is scheduled. If the high school is a LOSFA Concentrated or Intensive services school, please coordinate with the LOSFA Program Coordinator for your school. If your school would like to host this event, please complete the attached LOSFA Event Request Form and under event type, please fill out other and write in College Acceptance Day. Please e-mail forms and copy on the e-mail.