Aspire to Inspire


What is Aspire to Inspire?

Aspire to Inspire (A2I) is a mentoring program that began with the intention of engaging and helping students who are identified as needing additional support in and out of the classroom. Initially, A2I started off as one-on-one mentoring and has grown to small and large group mentoring, having served hundreds of male and female mentees from the 6th to 12th grade across the state of Louisiana. A2I has a 100% graduation rate from 2015 to 2017 (2018-2019 numbers posted after graduation). 129 mentees have graduated from the A2I program.


The Mission and Goals

The mission of Aspire to Inspire is to produce confident, tenacious, open-minded mentees who discover their own truth and become proud, productive leaders of society.

The goals of Aspire to Inspire are to:

•  To create a positive, safe environment where the mentees can feel encouragement, regardless of who they are and in turn, encourage their peers.

•  To encourage the mentees to develop confidence to pursue their personal and career aspirations.

•  To advise the mentees to make informed decisions on their post-secondary options using the LOSFA 5-Point Match & Fit Tool.

•  To provide parents/guardians with support to adequately assist their students with their academic, personal, and post-secondary needs.


Program Highlights





All 50 participating mentees graduated high school.
All 64 participating mentees graduated high school.
A2I served 44 mentees total. 8 were seniors and they all graduated high school.
A2I served 41 mentees total. 7 were seniors and they all graduated high school.

39 went on to pursue post-secondary education.
The A2I Mentee of the Year, Samps Taylor, received a full academic scholarship to Alcorn State University.
Mentoring began at the middle school level.
Went from serving 44 mentees in 2017-2018 school year to 342 mentees in the 2018-2019 school year (A2I currently serves in 14 of the 18 districts that LOSFA provides intensive services for).

The A2I Mentee of the Year, JaCory Jones, received a full academic scholarship to Southeastern Louisiana University.
Samps Taylor and Khristopher Hobbs, Founder/Lead Mentor, attended the First Lady Michelle Obama's Beating the Odds Summit at the WHITE HOUSE.
The A2I Mentee of the Year, Nicholas Cobb, received a full academic scholarship to Louisiana Tech University.

Mentee Spotlight

"I have a lot of dreams and goals, but until I can make a move to act on them, they will remain a dream or goal. Mr. Khris provides a spark and path of guidance to push me to take that first step in accomplishing my goal. Mr. Khris pushes me to be the best that I can be and makes sure I never get distracted and that I am on my A-game. I see Mr. Khris as the father figure I never had. Not a day goes by without him checking on and encouraging me. Mr. Khris being my mentor is the best thing that happened to me because growing up, I've never had that person to push me to do better other than Mr. Khris himself." - L.B. Landry-Walker High School Mentee

"What I like most about the [A2I] program is that we sit down, and we talk about my downfalls and ways I can change it. It also helps with my confidence like at times when I feel down, I know who I can talk to about my problems or what I need help with. The program inspires me to think no matter the circumstances never give up. I have applied for FAFSA and for college. With Mr. Nick, we sit and talk about the good and the bad. We work on things I struggle in, we sit and talk about the important things in life and what track to stay on. I am committed to Snow College, and I will be the first in my family to go to college." - Bastrop High School Senior Mentee

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