LOSFA - The Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance

Outreach Resources

Our LFOS and LGU schools are provided with an array of resources to use and implement for our standard and special initiatives such as: various forms, sign-in and sign-up sheets, and Manuals.

AY 2017-18 Resources:

2017-18 Trailblazer Application


2017-18 Travel Regulations PPM49

2017-18 Travel Pocket Guide (PPM 49)

Go Alliance Academy Brochure

2017-18 LOSFA OSSC Manual for LGU & LFOS (Revised 1-7-18)

Explorers' Club Handbook 2017


Tips for Completing LOSFA Forms

LFOS & LGU Expenditure & Field Trip Approval Form (PDF Fillable) (Revised 12-2017)

Expenditure Pre-Approval Checklist

List of Additional Vendors (PDF Fillable)

Field Trip Support Form

Career Exploration and Reflection Student Worksheet

Student Job Shadow Guide

2017-18 LOSFA Event Request Form

2017-18 Sign-In Sheet

FERPA CONSENT (Adult 18 and older) (Permanent)

FERPA CONSENT (Minor under 18) (Permanent)

LCAAM Registration Form

LCAAM Sign-in Sheet

LOSFA Comprehensive Mentoring Referral Form

Media Release Form (Minor, under 18) (Permanent)

Media Release Form (Adult, 18 years or older) (Permanent)

Signal Vine Sign-Up Sheet - PDF

Signal Vine Sign-Up Sheet - Online

Tutoring Implementation Form

LOSFA 5-Point Match (Postsecondary)

LOSFA 5-Point Match (Career and Workforce)

LOSFA 5-Point Match (Military)

Time & Effort Form

Quarterly Reporting:

OSSC is responsible for monitoring and documenting all budgetary expenditures using LFOS or LGU funds. Quarterly reporting includes reporting/documenting all LFOS or LGU activities, including contract expenditures taking place at the school level. In addition, we welcome documentation of non-LFOS or non-LGU funded activities that support the LFOS and/or LGU mission. These activities may include, but are not limited to tutoring, mentoring, job shadowing, job site visits, college guest speakers, community service, and cultural events.

Quarterly OSSCs are expected to report via Jotform and upload deliverables via Egnyte to your assigned Regional Coordinator.

Quarter Reporting Period:

Reporting takes place on a Quarterly basis. Reports are always due to LFOS within five (5) days of the end of the reporting period, below:

Chart of Reporting Period Dates