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TOPS Master Roster File Definitions

Tuition Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) Bulletin
March 17, 1999
As Indicated
DISTRIBUTION: Louisiana Colleges and Universities, Technical Colleges, Board of Regents, Department of Education and Louisiana Officials
TOPIC: TOPS Master Roster File Definitions

To assure that your Scholarship and Grant Policy and Procedure Manual remains current, please record this document on your TOPS Bulletin index and retain it with your manual.

Based upon the recommendations of the Advisory Committee to the Student Financial Assistance Commission (LASFAC), the format of the TOPS MASTER ROSTER is being enhanced by the addition of new fields and process codes. These changes should enable institutions to readily identify when a payment request can be submitted for a TOPS award recipient. The TOPS MASTER ROSTER revision dated 3/17/99, which is attached, will be placed into production effective March 29, 1999. Requests for payment (BILLING ROSTERS) for Spring Semester (2S1999) awards will be accepted beginning the same date, March 29, 1999. Because of these and other changes described below, institutions which have already transmitted payment requests for the period "2S1999" via file transfer protocol (FTP), must retransmit those requests to this agency. Because the present sunspot cycle is causing interference with electronic transmissions, institutions should retain a copy of all files transmitted electronically until payment has been received.

To assist in the identification of student status, additional process codes have been added. Since only one process code can be shown on the file and students may have multiple changes, if there is a process code other than 00, examine the entire record to identify all changes.

New Fields Added:
            START-OWNER:                 Denotes TOPS recipient who is also a beneficiary of a Louisiana College Savings Plan (START) account.

            ONLY-TERM-ELIGIBLE: Indicates the only term for which a bill will be paid. Upon payment for this term, subsequent terms will be paid upon billing for the balance of the                                                                   academic year or until the student reaches the maximum award, whichever occurs first.
            LAST-TERM-PAID:                 Indicates the last term paid for student. Subsequent billings for this term will not be accepted unless the student qualifies for dual enrollment.                                                                   E.G.: Population of this field indicates that student has qualified and been paid for the semester or term shown.

Additional Process Codes:

07                 Indicates student has a START Saving Account
08                 Last Academic Term Paid
09                 Only Term Eligible for Payment

The enhanced file definition with field descriptions are attached.

If you have questions concerning this information, please contact John Bell, Scholarship Manager, at the above address; or at 1-800-259-5626, ext 1113 or e-mail:






         FIELD TITLE                                                                                         FIELD SIZE                                                 FIELD DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                    

SSN PIC 9(09) Student's Social Security Number
LAST-NAME PIX X(16) Student's Last Name
FIRST-NAME PIC X(09) Student's First Name
MIDDLE-INITIAL PIX X Student's Middle Initial
AWARD-LEVEL-SELECTED PIC X (02) Student's Choice of Award Level
TU = Unconfirmed
TO = Opportunity
TP = Performance
TH = Honors
OT = Prior TAP(Opportunity)
OH = Prior HONORS(Performance)
TT = Tech Only
RO = Renewal Opportunity
RP = Renewal Performance
RH = Renewal Honors
RT = Renewal Tech
STIPEND-AWARD-CODE PIC 9(02) Stipend Eligibility Code
00 = Eligible For Stipend
01 = Ineligible For Stipend
NAT-GUARD-AWARD-CODE PIC 9(02) National Guard Award Eligibility Code
00 = Eligible For Stipend
01 = Ineligible For Stipend
TERM-COUNT PIC 9V9 Number of Terms Awarded TOPS
ACADEMIC-YEAR PIC 9(04) Academic Year for Award
The Year In Which the Spring Semester Occurs Format CCYY
PROCESS-CODE PIC 9(02) Processing Code Will Indicate That a Change Has Been Made After First Being Put On Master Roster
00 = No Change
01 = New Record
02 = Award Level Confirmed
03 = No Longer Eligible
04 = Award Level Changed Due to Re-Evaluation
05 = Loss of Stipend Eligibility
06 = Loss of Eligibility (Audit Finding)
07 = Student Has a START Savings Account
08 = Highest Academic Term Paid
09 = Only Term Eligible for Payment
PROCESS-DATE PIC 9(08) Processing Date
Date The Process Code Was Last Changed
STATUS-CODE PIC 9(02) Status Code
00 = New Eligible
01 = Renewal Student
31 = Canceled (Academic Probation)
40 = Canceled (Graduated)
42 = Canceled (Grades)
44 = Canceled (Hours)
46 = Canceled (Not Enrolled)
54 = Canceled (Met Maximum)
90 = Renewal Ineligibility
91 = Eligibility Pending
STATUS - DATE PIC 9(8) Status Date Format CCYYMMDD
ONLY-TERM-ELIGIBLE PIC X(6) The Only Academic Term Eligible for Payment Before Any Other Terms Can Be Paid
LAST-TERM-PAID PIX X(6) The Last Academic Term Paid
START-OWNER PIC 9 0 = No START Account or Account Has Been cancelled
1 = Student Has a START Savings Account