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Master Roster, Payment Requests, Grade Reports

Tuition Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS) Bulletin
June 21, 1999
As Indicated
DISTRIBUTION: Louisiana Colleges and Universities, Louisiana Technical Colleges, Board of Regents, Department of Education, and Louisiana Officials
TOPIC: Master Roster, Payment Requests, Grade Reports

To assure that your Scholarship and Grant Policy and Procedure Manual remains current, please record this document on your TOPS Bulletin index and retain it with your manual.

1.       The TOPS Master Roster for Award Year 1999-2000 (1S2000, 2S2000, 1T2000, 2T2000, 3T2000) will be available 6/28/99.

2.       The TOPS Master Roster File Definition will remain as indicated in TOPS Bulletin T99-9, March 17, 1999. A copy of the File Definition (also available at is attached.   Field Descriptions have been edited for clarity; one additional Processing Code (see Paragraph 5 below) has been added and seven Status Codes (see Paragraph 6 below) have been added or clarified. Term institutions should interpret references to "Semesters" to mean "Terms."

3.       All awarded 1999 high school graduates will have a Status Code of "00", New Eligible. All 1998-99 TOPS recipients determined eligible for renewal will be designated Status Code "01", Renewal Eligible. Those 1998-99 TOPS recipients for whom renewal processing is not yet complete will be designated Status Code "91", Renewal Pending.

4.       The 1999-2000 TOPS Master Roster will not include records of students who were listed as ineligible on the final 1998-99 TOPS Master Roster for the following reasons:

a) Utilized the maximum number of terms or semesters; or
b) Ineligible due to audit or miscellaneous reasons.

5.       Process Code "10", Renewal Processing Pending, has been added and will appear until the renewal processing for an individual student has been completed. Students eligible at the conclusion of Award Year 1998-99 will appear on the initial 1999-2000 Award Year Master Roster as AWARD LEVEL "TU" (meaning TOPS Undetermined), PROCESS CODE "10" (Renewal Processing Pending), and STATUS CODE "91" (Renewal Pending).

6.       Students with the following Status Codes are presently ineligible, but may regain eligibility upon completion of the indicated action, if applicable:

          Status Code "03", Ineligible, Misc; awarded in error.

          Status Code "06", Ineligible due to Audit.

Status Code "31", Award Suspended (Academic Probation); may regain eligibility upon regaining Academic Good Standing within two years of being placed on Academic Probation and demonstration of minimum required grade point average.

Status Code "40", Award Canceled (Graduated).

Status Code "42", Award Suspended (did not meet grade point average (GPA) requirement for award); may regain eligibility upon achieving minimum GPA requirement within two years of initial scholarship suspension.

Status Code "44", Award Canceled (completed less than 24 hours during Academic Year); may regain eligibility only upon approved Request for Exception to Continuous Full-Time Enrollment (including Program Full-Time status). Records with this status code have not been reviewed for the GPA standards.

Status Code "46", Award Canceled (Not Enrolled Previous AY [98 high school graduates only]); may become eligible upon certification to LOSFA that student is first-time, full-time student for Fall 1999 semester or term.

Status Code "49" (NEW STATUS CODE), Award Canceled (more than 24 months on Academic Probation or failure to achieve minimum GPA standards).

Status Code "50" (NEW STATUS CODE), Award Canceled (failure to enroll by 1st semester following the 1st anniversary of high school graduation).

Status Code "54", Award Canceled (utilized award for maximum number of semesters or terms).

Status Code "60" (NEW STATUS CODE), Award Canceled (non-continuous enrollment). May regain eligibility upon approval of Request for Exception to Continuous Full-Time Enrollment.

Status Code "90", Award Suspended (no current award year FAFSA on file with LOSFA). Current award year FAFSA must be received by the Federal processor by Louisiana deadline (July 1, 1999, for 1999-2000 Award Year). Students may regain award for subsequent year by submitting subsequent year FAFSA by Louisiana deadline.

Status Code "91", TOPS Renewal Pending. If determined ineligible upon completion of 1998-99 Academic Grade Report processing, will be assigned one of the above status codes.

7.       Institutions must submit Academic Grade Reports (format published in TOPS-Bulletin T99-5, March 5, 1999) for all students included on the TOPS Master Roster who attended Summer 1999.

8.       Institutions must submit Academic Grade Reports at the conclusion of 1S2000 for all students appearing on the TOPS Master Roster enrolled at their institution Fall 1999 (1S2000) Semester or Fall (1T2000) and Winter (2T2000) terms. Spring Payment Requests will not be processed prior to Grade Report Processing.

9.       Effective with 1S2000 Payment Requests, institutions may submit an FTP request for either the tuition or stipend component when the other award component has already been paid via FTP.

10.     Manual Payment Requests will be limited to a maximum of 15 records per week, per institution. Payment Requests for students who are required to be enrolled at more than one institution at the same time and the correction of billing errors must continue as Manual Payment Requests.

11.     The TOPS Payment Request Error File (file definition attached) is available electronically as TPYER01 and may be accessed at the same time as the corresponding electronic weekly Payment Roster. As with the electronic weekly Payment Roster, if no payment roster or error file is generated for the week, there will be no records in the file.

12.     A TOPS Payment Roster Award Year Report (file definition attached) is available electronically as TPYPRAC01 and may be accessed at any time. It will be updated each week and will contain all records for the institution to date, even if no records are processed for the institution that week.

13.     Financial Aid Offices may determine the status of individual students by accessing the LOSFA Web Page and entering the student’s SSN and date of birth.

14.     The following is LOSFA’s planning calendar listing the significant TOPS processing dates for the 1999-2000 Academic Year:

          May 1    Last Day for LOSFA to Receive Initial Student Materials for 1998-99 Award Year.

          May 24  On-Line High School Certification (Certs) Forms Available.


May 25 Paper Certifications Sent to High Schools.

                        First On-Line High School Certifications Completed.

          June 1   First Paper High School Certifications Received.

June 25 First 1999-2000 Initial Eligibility Processing.

June 28 First 1999-2000 TOPS Master Roster.

    Student Information Available via LISA.

                        Student Information Available via Web Page.

July 1    Last Day to Receive 1998-99 Fall, Winter and Spring TOPS Payment Requests.

    Last Day to Receive Summer 1999 Payment Requests (prior LA Honors and TAP recipients only). (This date has been changed from that previously announced.) Institutions are urged to provide final payment requests as far in advance of this date as possible. The Grade Report Process cannot start until all Payment Requests have been processed

    Final Date for Receipt of 1999-2000 FAFSA by Federal Processor.

September X   Your Institution’s 15th Class Day (10th Class Day for LA Tech and 1st Class Day for Technical Colleges), First Day to Forward 1S2000 Payment Requests.

October 15      Last Day to Accept Student Documentation for Initial Eligibility. (Supercedes AY 98-99, May 1 deadline)

December 1    Last Day to Accept Payment Requests for 1S2000.

April 15            Last Day to Accept Payment Requests for 2S2000.


INSTITUTION: _____________________________ INSTITUTION NO: __________

TERM: ______________________





I certify that documentation exists at this institution indicating that the above listed students are first-time full-time freshmen for the above term or semester for the purposes of the Tuition Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS).


SIGNATURE: _______________________________ Date: _______________

TYPED NAME: _______________________________

TITLE: ________________________________




FIELD TITLE                                                     FIELD SIZE                                                     FIELD DESCRIPTION

SSN PIC 9(09) Student's Social Security Number 
LAST-NAME PIX X(16) Student's Last Name 
FIRST-NAME PIC X(09) Student's First Name 
MIDDLE-INITIAL PIX X Student's Middle Initial
AWARD-LEVEL PIC X(02) Student's Award Level
TU = Unconfirmed
TO = Opportunity
TP = Performance
TH = Honors
OT = Prior TAP(Opportunity)
OH = Prior LA HONORS(Performance)
TT = TOPS Tech Only
RO = Renewal Opportunity
RP = Renewal Performance
RH = Renewal Honors 
RT = Renewal Tech
STIPEND-AWARD-CODE PIC 9(02) Stipend Eligibility Code
00 = Eligible For Stipend
01 = Ineligible For Stipend
NAT-GUARD-AWARD-CODE PIC 9(02) National Guard Award Eligibility Code
00 = Eligible For Stipend
01 = Ineligible For Stipend
TERM-COUNT PIC 9V9 Number of Terms Awarded TOPS
ACADEMIC-YEAR PIC 9(04) Academic Year for Award
The Year In Which the Spring Semester Occurs Format CCYY
PROCESS-CODE PIC 9(02) Processing Code Will Indicate That a Change Has Been Made After First Being Put on Master Roster
00 = No Change
01 = New Record
02 = Award Level Assigned
03 = No Longer Eligible
04 = Award Level Changed Due to Re-Evaluation
05 = Loss of Stipend Eligibility
06 = Loss of Eligibility (Audit Finding)
07 = Student Has a START Savings Account
08 = Highest Academic Term Paid
09 = Only Term Eligible for Payment
10 = Renewal Processing Pending
PROCESS-DATE PIC 9(08) Processing Date
Date The Process Code Was Last Changed
STATUS-CODE PIC 9(02) Status Code
00 = New Eligible
01 = Renewal Eligible
03 = Ineligible Misc.
06 = Ineligible Audit
31 = Award Suspended (Academic Probation)
40 = Cancelled (Graduated)
42 = Award Suspended (GPA)
44 = Award Cancelled (Hours)
46 = Award Cancelled (Enrollment Required by Fall)
49 = Award Cancelled (Award Suspended 24 Months)
50 = Award Cancelled (Non-Enrollment by 1st Anniversary)
54 = Cancelled (Met Maximum)
60 = Cancelled (Non continuous Enrollment)
90 = Renewal Ineligibility (No Current Year FAFSA)
91 = Renewal Eligibility Pending
STATUS-DATE PIC 9(8) Status Date Format CCYYMMDD
ONLY-TERM-ELIGIBLE PIC X(6) The Only Academic Term Eligible for Payment Before Any Other Terms Can Be Paid
LAST-TERM-PAID PIX X(6) The Last Academic Term Paid 
START-OWNER PIC 9 0 = No START Account or Account Has Been Cancelled 
1 = Student Has a START Savings Account



FIELD TITLE                                                     FIELD SIZE                                                 FIELD DESCRIPTION

SSN PIC 9(09) Student's Social Security Number 
INSTITUTION-CODE PIX 9(09) Institution Code
First 6 Digits are The OE Code
Last Three Digits are 000
ACADEMIC-TERM PIC X(06) Academic Term
Format XXCCYY e.g. 1S1999
Which represents 1st Semester 1999
Quarter Schools Should Enter 1T1999, 2T1999 etc.
TUITION-AMOUNT PIC 9(04)V99 Tuition Amount Requested
STIPEND-AMOUNT PIC 9(04)V99 Stipend Amount Requested 
NAT-GUARD-AWARD-AMT PIC 9(04)V99 National Guard Amount Requested 
Date School Transmitted Payment Request File 


                    FIELD TITLE                                                  FIELD SIZE                                                    FIELD DESCRIPTION

SSN PIC 9(09) Student's Social Security Number
INSTITUTION-CODE PIX 9(09) Institution Code
First 6 Digits are The OE Code
Last Three Digits are 000
CUMULATIVE-GPA PIC 9V99 Student's Cumulative Grade Point
Average at Conclusion of Academic Year
ANNUAL-HOURS PIC 9(3) College Credit Hours Earned by Student
During Fall and Spring Semester or Fall, 
Winter, and Spring Term
CUMULATIVE-HOURS PIC 9(03) Cumulative Credit Hours at Conclusion of 
Academic Year
DEGREE-TYPE PIC 9 Type of Academic Degree Awarded
1 = Associate Degree
2 = Baccalaureate Degree
3 = Masters Degree or Higher 
DEGREE-DATE PIC 9(06) Date Degree Awarded
ACADEMIC-STANDING PIC X(02) Academic Standing at Conclusion of Spring Semester
00 = Continuous Good Standing
01 = Academic Probation
02 = Good Standing.  Previously on Academic Probation
ACADEMIC-STANDING-DATE PIC 9(06) Date Student Achieved the Academic Standing Reported


                    FIELD TITLE                                                     FIELD SIZE                                             FIELD DESCRIPTION

SSN PIC 9(09) Student's Social Security Number
INSTITUTION-CODE PIX 9(09) Institution Code
First 6 Digits are The OE Code
Last Three Digits are 000
TERM PIC X(06) Term in Error
TUITION-AMOUNT PIC 9(4)V99 Tuition Amount Requested
STIPEND-AMOUNT PIC 9(4)V99 Stipend Amount Requested 
NAT-GUARD-AMOUNT PIC 9(4)V99 National Guard Amount Requested 
ERROR-COUNT PIC 9 Number of Errors
ERROR-MESSAGE-1 PIC X(30) 1st Error Message
ERROR-MESSAGE-2 PIC X(30) 2nd Error Message
ERROR-MESSAGE-3 PIC X(30) 3rd Error Message
ERROR-MESSAGE-5 PIC X(30) 5th Error Message
ERROR-MESSAGE-6 PIC X(30) 6th Error Message
ERROR-MESSAGE-7 PIC X(30) 7th Error Message
ERROR-MESSAGE-8 PIC X(30) 8th Error Message
ERROR-MESSAGE-9 PIC X(30) 9th Error Message
Date Error Report Generated