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LOSFA - The Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance

10th Grade Timeline

  • Continue to use the LOSFA Student Hub to update your accomplishments and achievements and to monitor your progress toward meeting graduation, college admission and scholarship qualification requirements.

  • Identify your areas of interest and potential career paths by using the tools provided at Unlock My Future.

  • Follow your progress toward eligibility for the TOPS scholarship using the TOPS Tracker feature on the LOSFA Student Hub.

  • Begin researching postsecondary options (4-year college, community and/or technical college, etc.) and compare by location, size, program offerings, cost and other considerations using the tools available at Unlock My Future.





  • Meet with your school counselor to find out if you qualify for TTES.

  • Search for available TTES course offerings and the postsecondary schools that offer them.

  • Register for TTES courses.

Telephone: 1-800-259-5626
Write LOSFA at:
P.O. Box 91202
Baton Rouge, LA 70820-9202