Schedule for Conversion from EAGLE I to EAGLE II



Lenders and Schools
September 30, 1999
Schedule for Conversion from EAGLE I to EAGLE II 

To assure that your Common Manual remains current, please record this document on your LPM/LPB index, and retain it in Appendix E of your manual.

In order to provide our customers with the best possible service, we are informing you now of critical dates for our conversion from the Eagle I System to the Eagle II System. To ensure that we have ample time to "clean up" data and work all rejects necessary for a successful conversion, we must impose the following cut off dates for Eagle I processing:

October 18, 1999      - Lender Manifests (electronic and manual)
                                - Consolidations
                                   - Reallocations
                                   - Reinstatements

October 20, 1999       - Standard Fee Billing

October 22, 1999       - Loan Cancellations
                                - Name and Address Changes (manual requests)

October 25, 1999       - Fee Express Fee Billing

All data received from schools and lenders at LOSFA, or USAGroup on behalf of LOSFA, after these dates will be warehoused (held) and processed after Eagle II is operational on November 1, 1999. Data will not be lost or eliminated. In the event that data is transmitted after these dates and prior to November 1, 1999, it may be necessary to re-transmit it after conversion.

October 25, 1999         - New Loan Processing. If a school chooses to transmit new loans on this date, it 
                                        may be necessary to retransmit after November 1, 1999, if errors occur and we are not able to make the 
                                        corrections timely. Your School /Lender Specialist will notify you if this occurs.

The pre-claim, claim, and post-claim functions will not be affected by the conversion except for the "down" time of October 28 - October 31. Data related to these functions will continue to be processed through October 27, 1999. Dates of importance are:

October 27, 1999         - Data will be received electronically until 5:00 p.m. LRAs and claims will be
                                     keyed until 5:00 p.m.

October 28, 1999         - Lender Requests for Assistance (LRAs) will be warehoused and processed
                                     on November 1, 1999.

October 28, 1999          - Notices of Default (NODs) filed by hard copy or electronically by the lenders
                                      will be warehoused and processed on November 1, 1999.

November 1, 1999        - After the conversion is completed, LRAs and claims will again be
                                      processed as before in Eagle I.

Any entry rejects will be re-processed after conversion.

We are confident that this conversion to EAGLE II will enable us to enhance our service to our customers. We are optimistic that in working with our contract partner, USAGroup, and now having the system upgrade to parallel theirs, that you will find a marked increase in efficiency. We will work diligently to make this transition a smooth one.


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